My bike tour (a boring personal post)

I rode my bike from Chicago to New York in September. Packing list here, if you recall.

I’ve avoided writing a blog post about it because, well, everyone has a blog post about their bike tour, it’s hard to make it interesting to a reader who didn’t go on the trip.

Sure, for me, it was an epiphany, maybe the most rewarding two and a half weeks of my life. But mostly I pedaled and ate, which isn’t all that exciting to you. No mechanical problem, no outlandish tales of getting lost. What did I think about when I pedaled? Generally I thought about pedaling. So I’ll spare you the bike tour philosophizing.

But if you want that anyway, I recommend Bruce Weber, Life is a Wheel: Memoirs of a Bike-Riding Obituarist (New York: Scribner, 2015).

Instead, let’s look at some pictures.

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