August 7 bike forecast: springlike, sort of

Monday: it’s as if spring has returned, eight months early.


No, not a fancy great spring day, but a solid, workmanlike, mediocre spring day.

Overall: high 72, low 60, cloudy-ish, 40% chance of rain, winds from the north-northeast

AM: high 60s, 25% chance of rain, partly cloudy, 7mph winds from the north-northeast

PM: 70º, chance of rain, and annoying winds of 14mph from the north-northeast

That means if you’re riding north to get home in the evening, you might wanna avoid the especially blustery Lake Front Trail.

DIVVY REPORT: RIP the State and 29th St. Divvy station, which was de-listed last week. You served us well. (Or maybe you didn’t, and that’s why you were de-listed.)


Nearby residents can use 31st and Indiana or 26th and Indiana.

Up-to-the-minute updates here.




In insane news (non-Trump)…

The Navy Pier Flyover began construction in March of 2014. It’s scheduled to be completed at the end of 2018. That’s four and a half years. For a bike and pedestrian bridge! Which, as John Greenfield pointed out a while ago, is longer than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge.

When did CDOT begin planning the project? In 2001. That’s seventeen years from planning to completion.

Why? According to ActiveTrans:

“[T]he flyover isn’t just about function. Because it is located in a prominent part of the Chicago, CDOT also wants the flyover to be an iconic architectural structure in the city.

“The main design feature of the flyover will be its serpentine form, curving around parks and buildings. A visually striking steel rib superstructure will support the bridge and accommodate its curves.

To further reinforce the cutting-edge design, the bridge will include cable steel railings and LED lights built into the railings. The panels along the side of the bridge will feature running and walking motifs to reflect the purpose of the bridge.”


It does indeed look nice. But is 4.5 years of construction worth it to look good for tourists? Hmm.



2.8/4. Even with the prospect of rain, we welcome a cool day.

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