August 1 bike forecast: ride bike? Yeah

Tuesday, August 1st: new month, new bike forecast. Is it good? Is it bad? Let’s find out.

(It’s good, by the way.)



Overall: high 80, low 67, calm winds, mostly cloudy, 15% chance of rain, most likely around 1pm

AM: mid 70s, partly cloudy, calm winds, real nice but 10% chance of rain

PM: high 70s, mostly cloudy, 15% chance of rain

How pleasant is it?

That pleasant.

In recent bike news:

• Check out John Greenfield’s overview of Milwaukee Avenue improvements at Streetsblog Chicago

• The NYC Department of Transportation says cycling safety has improved thanks to a greater number of riders on the street. Other findings of interest to Chicagoans:

-“The vast majority of cyclist fatalities occur on streets without bicycle facilities.”

-“The launch of Citi Bike [i.e., bike share] coincided with a drop in cyclist KSI [killed or severely injured] within the bike share area.”

-“The overwhelming majority of cyclist fatalities and cyclist KSI occurred at intersections”

• On the LFT:

Seems awfully narrow. Hmmm.

Spotted on the road:P1340172.jpg

Escaped pet rabbit, caught and given to local shelter, where someone had apparently called about a lost rabbit. We assume the story had a happy ending, but we can’t say for sure.




OVERALL COMMUTE RATING:Flag_of_Chicago__Illinois_svg.png

3.5/4. Excellent. Ride bike!

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