June 26 bike forecast: Cooler weather continues

Monday: new week, new weather. (Duh.)

What do we have to look forward to? Spring-like balminess and wind levels verging on annoying.



Overall: High 73, low 54. Partly cloudy, winds 10-20 mph. “A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible.”

AM: low 60s, mostly sunny, wind from the west at 12 mph.

PM: high 60s, mostly cloudy, wind from the northwest at 15 mph.

Lettuce Cat Wind Meter:

Not surprising. 15 mph is about the speed that will knock lettuce off of a cat’s head.

DIVVY REPORT:We’re guessing Phillips Ave & 82nd St. isn’t coming back, so we’ll just say “all stations online.” Up-to-the-minute updates here.




OVERALL COMMUTE RATING:Flag_of_Chicago__Illinois_svg.png

3/4. Winds from the northwest could challenge the fortitude of northbound commuters in the evening, but otherwise this looks like a pretty nice day.

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