May 16 bike forecast: good, bad

Tuesday: a good day to ride a bike? A bad day to ride a bike? Why not both.


Note the happy AM sun face and the angry PM sun face. This is what we’re talking about.

Overall: high 87low 69, windy.

Morning: around 70 degrees, partly cloudy, wind from the SSW at 10 MPH.

Evening: unseasonably hot. 20 MPH winds! Could be a good thing if you’re commuting to the north. If not, sucks for you.

Lettuce Cat Wind Meter:


No surprises here. 20 mph winds’ll swipe the leaf right off yer noggin.

Air-Conditioner-Cat Heat Meter:BgZAnY.gif

Hot, I guess. (This concept might need some work.)

DIVVY REPORT: all stations operational.



And partial street closures map here.



2/4. Try not to sweat too much!

Enjoy your rides.

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