April 28: Another day, another wrong forecast?

So many alarmist stories about rain, so little actual rain. What the heck, Chicagoland meteorologists?

Same deal Friday as Wednesday and Thursday. A good chance of rain. After being burned in the past, here’s our take: be skeptical. But bring rain gear anyway.

WEATHER INFOGRAPHIC: Celestia_sun_original_2.jpg

Such negligible wind in the morning! That’s nice. Here’s the breakdown:

All day: High 59, low 45, cloudy, 50% chance of rain

Morning: low 50s, cloudy, 2 MPH winds from NE

Evening: high 50s, cloudy, wind from the ENE at 8 MPH, 50% chance of rain (dubious)

Recommended Rain Gear of the Week: 


Get it? This lady’s not wearing any rain gear. A commentary on our disappointment with recent Chicago weather forecasts.

(Thanks for the picture, Chicago Tonight.)


-Humboldt Drive & Luis Munoz Marin Drive station (inside Humboldt Park) removed entirely. Aw.

-New station opens at California Ave. & Cortez St.

Otherwise, all stations operational except Chappel Ave & 79th St., which remains closed.




And the 1300-1400 blocks of E. 71st re-open after a monthlong closure.



Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.55.22 PM.png

Click here for the whole map.

FYI, just out of view: closures at North Ave. and Bosworth.

OVERALL COMMUTE RATING: Flag_of_Chicago__Illinois_svg.png

2.75 stars. Pretty good, assuming it doesn’t rain.


Enjoy your rides, and stay dry!

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