April 25: Ride your bike!

Monday: what a day to ride a bike!

Tuesday: what a day to ride a bike!



Morning conditions on the left, evening conditions on the right.

Overall, a high of 72 around 2pm and a low of 53 in the early morning.


Morning: High 50s, partly cloudy, winds from the SSE at 8 MPH.

Evening: Low 70s/high 60s, less sunny than morning, winds from SE at 12 MPH.

So, a bit windier and cloudier than Monday, but warmer too.

Cat-Lettuce Meter of Expected Windiness:

A little lettuce flap, but altogether mild.

DIVVY STATUS: All stations operational. If you’re in the Loop, good luck grabbing a bike in the evening. (More on that later.)

STREET CLOSURES: Screen_Shot_2017-04-24_at_7_55_32_PM.png

News on the street closure front.


300-400 block of E. 115th reopens after two months

11400 block of S. Front reopens after two months

4600 block of N. Broadway reopens after 3 days

Partial closures downtown: Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.01.22 PM.png

Click here for the rest of the map.



Flag_of_Chicago 3.5.png

3.5/4. Excellent! Again! Clouds and moderate wind are a very slight bummer, but spring warmth keeps us near peak bike commute conditions.

Go ride your bike!

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