April 20th: Spring returns, again

Thursday: a good day to commute. Warm all day and sunny in the afternoon, but a tad blustery. 20mph winds could make you go fast or slow, depending on your perspective.



Comprehensive Weather Infographic, now featuring a face.


Morning: High 60s, mostly cloudy, 16mph winds from the southwest. Slight chance of rain.

Evening: Low 60s, mostly sunny, 19mph winds from the west.

But after today’s dud of a thunderstorm, a cautionary note about weather forecasts and the general unknowability of the future: Tom Skilling’s WGN forecast predicts a high of only 60 degrees and a low of 41. Dress with versatility!

Approximate visual representation:


Yeah, pretty windy. Properly secure the lettuce to the top of your head.

DIVVY REPORT: all stations operational.

STREET CLOSURES: Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.02.21 PM.png

Same old, same old.



3/4. Marked down due to wind.

In other news…

It was a big day for Chicago Bike Report, as we got our first media mention, courtesy of Streetsblog Chicago. Check it out for a much more thorough treatment of the Lake Front Trail separation plans.

John Greenfield, ever prolific, also writes in the Reader about the demise of the Marshall Boulevard bike lane. It’s a reminder that “community input and outreach are crucial for avoiding resentment from noncyclists.”


Enjoy your rides and this parting pic of the 31st Street Bridge.


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