April 18th: Hot and Cold

An exciting Monday, what with the corner of East Lake Street and North Michigan Avenue closed down in the afternoon because of a scaffolding issue.

As for Tuesday: a dynamic forecast. Cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon–a 27 degree temperature fluctuation! Dress with versatility.

WEATHER INFOGRAPHIC:Celestia_sun_original_2.jpg

In the morning: high 40s, partly cloudy, light wind from the southeast.

In the afternoon: Low 70s, partly cloudy, 16mph winds from the south.

According to Tom Skilling, Tuesday should bring a break in chilly lake winds. But non-chilly winds are expected to persist.

Approximate visual representation:


Windy, but not too windy. (But cover up if you’re a longhaired cat.)

DIVVY REPORT: All stations operational.


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.32.21 PM.png

Nothin’ new.

Mayor Emanuel also declared today “the start of the paving season.” The following major bike-laned streets are set to be repaved:

W. Armitage Ave. from Kostner to Pulaski (.5 miles)

N. Clark St. from Chicago Avenue to the Chicago River Bridge (.6 miles)

Unclear when this will occur, though.

OVERALL COMMUTE RATING:Flag_of_Chicago__Illinois_svg.png

3/4. Pretty good.

In other news:

In light of the recent story on CPD targeting black neighborhoods for bike tickets, Damon Jones tweeted an interesting map. It shows stolen bike reports in 2012 and 2013:


Click to enlarge.

Bikes reported stolen in 2013:

18th district (mostly majority-white Lincoln Park): 449 reports. 15th district (mostly majority-black Austin): 41 reports.

If we’re to take those numbers as a rough proxy for the number of people riding bikes, or the amount of bike-related crime, then the following is really insane:

Bike tickets during 9 month period in 2016:

Lincoln Park: 5 bike tickets. Austin: 321 bike tickets

Enjoy your commutes, and tweet tips to @bikereportchi.

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