April 17th, 2017: Spring is in the air

If we go by the forecast (somewhat risky), we’re approaching peak bike commute conditions on Monday.



Little cloud hat indicates mostly sunny.


Morning: High 40s to high 50s. Negligible wind.

Evening: Anywhere from high 60s to high 40s. ~8mph wind from the northwest.

Note the large temperature fluctuation from high 40s to high 60s.

DIVVY: All stations operational.

STREET CLOSURES: Screen_Shot_2017-04-16_at_8_53_43_PM.pngAside from the crossed-out Easter parades and festivals, not much new.



3.8/4. Quite good.

Big temperature fluctuation throughout the day is the only thing keeping us from a perfect score.

In other news…

As John Greenfield writes, black bike advocates are fighting back against CPD’s practice of targeting black neighborhoods for bike tickets. Police have given out a hugely disproportionate amount of cycling tickets in black neighborhoods, as the Tribune reported last month. Example: 5 citations in Lincoln Park and 321 in Austin during the same 9-month period. Wow.


Enjoy the pleasant weather, try not to get a ticket, and tweet tips to @chibikereport.


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