April 14th, 2017: Rain & Rough Roads

In retrospect, Thursday was kinda nice. Unexpected clear skies in the afternoon created near-peak bike commuting conditions: sunny, little wind, and cool enough not to get too sweaty. CBR’s in-house meteorological staff apologizes for the inaccuracies.

For Friday, things don’t look so good.

PROJECTED FRIDAY COMMUTE RATING:Flag_of_Chicago__Illinois_svg.png 

2/4. Not great.




In the morning: Mid to high 40s, possibility of rain

In the afternoon/evening: Mid to high 50s, thunderstorms likely after 4pm.

WINDINESS: Not your biggest problem tomorrow. Light, from the east.

DIVVY BIKE REPORT: All stations operational.



Apparently the city won’t tell you which streets are closed tomorrow–just the ones that were closed today. This is annoying, and we’re working on solutions.

Also beware of especially rough roads on N. Damen Ave. north of West Montrose, where a water main is being replaced…. right where the bike lane should be. If you’re on skinny tires, perhaps consider another route.


N. Damen and W. Ainslie.




Thanks to Yasmeen at thechainlink.org for the photos.

Stay dry, and enjoy your rides!

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