Wednesday, April 12: Pretty good

Wednesday: like Tuesday, but better.

SUNRISE/SUNSET: Celestia_sun_original.jpg

Yellow eyelashes indicate sunniness.

In the morning: mid-high 40s, sunny

In the evening: high 40s, low 50s, partly cloudy. If you’re working late, beware of a small chance of rain around 8pm.

WIND: Very little in the morning, up to 10mph from the east in the afternoon.

Approximate visual representation:PlantaRodadora.jpg

Note: this is a stationary tumbleweed, signifying a lack of wind.


Fully operational.

STREET CLOSURES:Screen_Shot_2017-04-11_at_8_34_33_PM.png

In other news, Wrigleyville got a little less awful today:

Enjoy your sunny commutes, and tweet your tips to @bikereportchi.

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