Tuesday, April 11: A regular day

Did the excitement of thunder, and 23mph winds, and a 30 degree temperature fluctuation today overwhelm you? Boy will you appreciate this unremarkable Tuesday.




Morning: Mid 40s, overcast, slight chance of rain

Evening: Low 50s, overcast, even slighter chance of rain

A return to seasonally appropriate temperatures.

WIND: 10mph from the west. North Side, South Side, West Side–we’re united: wind from the west is generally okay, at least in the morning. Unless you commute somewhere out west.

Approximate visual representation: 




Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.55.25 PM.png

Yep–the 11500 block of S. Marshfield has a 15-day long street festival.  Perhaps a carnival, according to internet sleuthing.

In other bike commute related news, you may have heard the following shocking headline from Chicagoist or elsewhere:

Yes, It’s Official: according to a shocking new study by the noted statisticians at autoaccessoriesgarage.com, Chicago has the longest commute time in the country at 32 minutes. Of course if the eggheads at autoaccessoriesgarage.com would get down from their ivory tower, they might realize that we don’t have the worst commute, just the longest. Experience the cardiovascular benefits of riding a bike 32 minutes each way,  foureyeses.


That’s all for this edition. A pretty unremarkable commuting day overall: fine temperature, little risk of sunburn, and a light breeze to cool your sweaty appendages.

And as ever, tweet tips to @bikereportchi.

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